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6/18/08 12:50:12AM
Lets make this short and sweet
how many heavy weights on the Affliction Banned card could beat UFC's current heavy weight champion NOG!
6/18/08 12:57:57AM
Well, we know Fedor did 2 times and would again, Barny could take him in the Rubber match. I would love to see that Fight is it was like the 1st Fight but if it's like their 2nd Fight then I'll pass . A lot of speculation has been surrounding the fact if AA could beat Big Nog and I say if it was the AA before the 2nd Big Tim Fight then I would've said yes but now I say he'd get submitted. I don't think Rothwell would make it out of the 1st Round as his Takedown Defense is unseen in his Fights. And Aleks needs to Tighten up his Ground Game if he was to Fight Nog or he'd get submitted in 4 minutes.
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