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7/6/12 5:02:54PM
Anybody feelin this where theyre at?! I know i am here in east tennessee!
7/6/12 5:04:15PM
An-der-son is feelin' the heat.....he'll probably try to start a fight at the weigh-ins in order to get disqualified
7/6/12 5:16:55PM
MN feeling the heat and humidity.
7/6/12 5:17:08PM
steady 100+ degree weather for the last 4 days in southern wisconsin. currently 106. I'm all for heat in the summer but man do I hate humidity.
7/6/12 5:21:41PM
Yeah and my wife is anti a/c. I dont care I turn that shit on full blast
7/6/12 5:52:27PM
7/6/12 6:01:45PM
yeah its humid as shit
7/6/12 6:06:15PM
I don't really belong in this thread considering where I live but even here it's been way too hot. Steady 30-35 degrees Celsius that feels like 40 with humidity. Not a good time.
7/6/12 6:16:58PM
7/6/12 6:39:31PM
I live in the desert, so I am used to it. 120+ degree summers are the norm. Put it this way, I was driving with my windows rolled down last night, and 90 degrees felt like heaven. The worst is actually February for me. We have some fucked up days that are 90-100 degrees, and then it drops to 30-50 degrees at night. If we are lucky, we get 80 degree days in the winter.
7/6/12 7:41:45PM
Hot as hell here in Texas
7/6/12 8:35:10PM
Its time for an all out asault on the heatwave! project heatwave endgame
7/6/12 9:19:01PM
small update on the hottest day here so far. 8:19 and still a humid 97 degrees. what I would give for a dry 97.
7/6/12 10:41:46PM
7/6/12 10:46:25PM
this is how i beat the heat:
7/6/12 11:12:33PM
I was feeling it but I'm melted away at this point
7/7/12 8:35:12AM

Posted by frizzzlecake

this is how i beat the heat:

and at the same time... very impressive
7/7/12 11:09:10AM

Posted by papercut

small update on the hottest day here so far. 8:19 and still a humid 97 degrees. what I would give for a dry 97.

Agree. Dry heat vs. humid heat is mentioned often, but some people don't believe there is a difference. I was driving through Nevada, Utah, and California on vacation a couple of weeks ago. Saw the mercury hit 112 deg. and yes it was hot. I return home to Minnesota to see the mercury hit 98 deg. and yes it was hot, but I could not the breathe the air is so heavy and sticky. Ill take dry heat of any temp over humid heat any day.
7/9/12 6:17:33PM
Your right. All the humidity build up in my pants and my underwear is always fucking sticky. I vote humid heat to be worse