Heath Herring Staying with UFC, Wants Title Shot

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3/6/08 9:05:57PM
"He (Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira) just got that title," Herring said. "Let the poor guy enjoy his title a few times before he has to have another battle with me."

Herring has already faced Nogueira three times in his career, coming up short each time (two via decision and one by submission). But those three losses have not deterred Herring from wanting another shot at the UFC's interim heavyweight belt.

"It's starting to get like a bad 'Rocky' movie," Herring joked. "I'd love to take that one, though... I would love to fight (Nogueira) again. I want that belt, I do. I'll be honest. We'll just see what happens."

Herring, who turned 30 the day after his victory over Kongo, feels a change in training practices will propel him to further success in the octagon.

3/6/08 9:12:56PM
With Herring staying, Arlovski hopefully resigning and talk of Fedor coming to the UFC, the HW devision could go from one of the weaker devisions to one of the most exciting in just a few months if Dana plays is cards right!

If Herring gets a title shot before Arlovski though i'll be tempted to hope on a plain an whip Joe Silva's ass!
3/6/08 9:13:02PM
I just don't ever see him wearing gold.....I think he will always be about 3-5 fights away.
3/6/08 9:13:12PM
if the guy gets a title shot the whole system is a sham, he looked bad against kongo, lucky for him kongo looked awful. herring needs two more wins to get his shot.
3/6/08 9:20:55PM
not another herring nog fight... plz
3/6/08 9:23:51PM

Posted by nickcuc547

lucky for him kongo looked awful

i have too disagree, Kongo did what he could. he did an alright job on the ground, he just needs too work on scrambling and not just lying there and taking knees. Kongo put up a fight on the ground in that fight. You have too give it too Kongo, whether he won or not, his ground game is getting better
3/6/08 10:11:05PM
the only way herring gets a title shot, if he beats like tim sylvia and andrei arlovski back to back.

But no more big nog vs herring. he blew his last shot with him by not finishing him.

UFC, joe silva needs to set up like Herring vs Lesnar or Syliva vs Herring.
3/6/08 10:41:25PM
There is no point to having any fighters fight each other 4 times. It's just not nessecary. There are so many opponents, contenders, and tough guys that different matchups should happen. Especially when Nog beat this guy 3x.
3/6/08 10:48:38PM
IMO He has to beat Arlovski or Big Timmy first, One lousy win does not automatically get you a title shot against somebody who already beat you not once, not even twice, but THREE times!!!

He's definitely improved but he still needs a big win or two IMO. Until Fedor signs, it's going to be the Nog era for a long time
3/7/08 12:30:35AM
Herring/Kongo was the worst display of ground game i can think of. Everyone can figure out a Guillotine, and both fighters were begging to be put in one.

And WTF was up with Kongo trying the WWE-style sleeper hold? I shot beer out of my nose when I saw that.
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