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4/19/09 6:41:22PM
so I went over the last so many events since the last big firing and found these fighters no longer listed on the UFC site(no stats, no anything-gone)

Jason Day
Pete Sell
Ryan Madigan
Carmelo Marrero
Tim Boetch
Michael Patt
Brian Cobb
Neil Grove
Per Eklund
Troy Mandaloniz
4/19/09 6:42:56PM
Its in the UFC Forum.
4/19/09 6:44:34PM
My Bad, wasn't sure if UFC firings were news or just general chat
4/19/09 6:49:07PM
Yeah, but man those were some cuts i tell ya.
4/19/09 8:55:27PM
Sucks that Boetch is gone although i`m sure the same could be said about most of these guys.
4/20/09 1:32:19AM
Well Sell had a couple big setbacks, so I can understand that, but i have no idea why Boestch, or Grove got cut. Both of these guys were powerful and exciting. Grove had big power, and so did Boestch. Guys in the UFC cant afford two losses in a row anymore. They are running a tight organization.
4/20/09 8:34:45PM
Cant say any of these fighters being released surprises me. the UFC is cutting the fat and only the elite stay. They are looking to run the top orginization hands down. No room for losers. Its a harsh reality.
4/21/09 5:52:13PM
Not really shocked, to be honest. Expect Ryo Chonan and David Bielkeden to join those ranks in the near future.
4/21/09 6:30:15PM
The Brian Cobb cut seems a little premature. Cobb took a fight against a very tough Terry Etim on very short notice.

Sad to see Boetsch go, but I saw that one coming. The light heavyweight division is too good for anybody but the best to survive with two losses in a row.
4/21/09 7:30:08PM
Jason Day gets a rough deal with the UFC, seems like he's an event booty call.
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