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POLL: Good for the sport?
Yes 12% (8)
No 22% (15)
You drink too much crazy juice. 66% (44)
7/6/08 7:29:09PM
They are going to have Royce Gracie vs. Ken Shamrock.. Anyone else hear anything about this?
7/6/08 7:41:37PM
the crazy juice option
7/6/08 8:25:28PM
doubt it seeing as how shamrock filed a lawsuit against UFC, but he did have one fight left on the contract thats what the lawsuit was about
7/6/08 9:03:21PM
Will never happen!!

The UFC and Ken are not exactly on speaking terms.

On the other might just be what Ken needs for him to drop the law suit!!!!

7/6/08 9:08:07PM
Promote it as "Hall Of Famer vs Hall Of Famer: ?? years later" and it might actually be a great generator of money.

Lawsuit or not, by the time UFC 100 rolls around, the lawsuit will likely be over with. Just pay both guys huge loads of money and they will fight. Gracie said himself he only fights like once a year, so that could be his big fight of that year.
7/6/08 9:11:50PM
I think a better idea would be to have title fights in all weight divisions!!!!

How good would that card be!!!!

7/6/08 9:34:00PM
they could call it UFC 100 "Geritol"
7/6/08 9:36:53PM
UFC 100: "Nursing Home was being painted, so they let us out for the day."
7/6/08 9:54:58PM
god i hope not!
7/6/08 10:15:46PM
Instead of losing their mouth pieces, they might actually lose their false teeth.
7/6/08 10:20:18PM

Posted by hails

I think a better idea would be to have title fights in all weight divisions!!!!

How good would that card be!!!!

That would be awesome.

Werdum vs Lesnar

Thiago Silva vs Brandon Vera

Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen

GSP vs Diego Sanchez

Bj Penn vs Urijar Faber

7/6/08 10:25:23PM
Three of those fights could actually happen. Should Diego beat Alves, I say that Diego faces GSP after Fitch (and as long as BJ doesn't sneak in and fight GSP).
7/6/08 11:52:09PM
Im sure it would happen because ken had 1 fight left on his ufc contract but wasnt allowed to fight that last fight because he was a coach on IFL, but im sure they are going to let him come back for that.

no they wont, this was a dumb topic.
7/6/08 11:56:47PM
Why not Severn vs Gracie those were fights no weight class
7/7/08 1:36:35AM
It will only happen if canes and walkers are allowed in the cage....
7/7/08 2:39:46AM
with the same rules as their era
7/7/08 7:25:34AM
i saw UFC 100 should be all title bouts and fights for the #1 contendership. 10 fights in all and show the whole damn thing.
7/8/08 11:27:37AM
Locker Room maybe?
7/8/08 12:21:34PM
I wouldn't pay 5 cents to see those senile morons fight.
7/8/08 1:49:28PM
All title fights for sure would be an amazing card!
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