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5/23/11 8:58:38PM
okay so ive posted quite a few threads about losing weight, and i have took alo of you guys advice Id say I have lost about 20lbs of solid fat, gained some muscle in the process, i started around 225 and down to 205, im still looking to lose around 20-30 pounds of fat, im sitting at 20.8% BF and im 5'7 205lbs. I was just wondering if you guys have any good healthy eating tips are what type of things do you eat that helps you stay in shape.

I know chicken, rice, fish, salad, and eggs are really good for weight loss. But are there any tips towards what to eat for amounts(one of my weaknesess is fast food but I find myself only eating fast food on the weekend, throughout the week i eat fairly healty. any advice would very much help and would get props.
5/23/11 9:06:16PM
Just curious but how did you lose those 20 pounds? What changes did you make to accomplish that. I need to lose around 30-40 pounds myself. Exercising is my weakness. I can't stay motivated long enough to keep at something.

I have the eating down for the most part and have lost some weight just from that but I would really like to get the exercising down. Any tips that you could offer would be awesome.
5/23/11 10:03:11PM
Yeah I just picked up my cardio, i do judo for 1.3 hours twice a week, and ive been doing sprints on the treadmill, ill do 15 second sprint at 8mph with a 10 second rest in between each sprint, and i do this for 8 sets(8times) then i just started to add some running at the end for about 15-20mins, i also think that maybe this week i will up the sprints to 2x each workout. Also have been taking some multivitamins that i picked up at gnc.
5/27/11 9:24:46PM
A couple of things. Try to eat slower, as your body will fill up faster that just shoveling down food. In addition, go with vegetables. Preferably fresh or frozen as opposed to canned, they have a large amount of fiber, in addition to necessary vitamins and minerals, that will fill you up without having to consume a large amount of calories. For your meals, try to eat smaller meals (mabye 5-6 smaller meals as opposed to 2-3 large meals) with veggies, complex carbs (baked potato, whole grains) and some amount of protein at each meal if possible. Hope this helps and good luck!
6/3/11 11:04:41PM
Toxic food syndrome...there is books and experts you can talk to but I will try to sum it up as best as I can. I do reccomend seeing a doctor or professional.

A very large amount of people today are poisioning themselves without even knowing it. Everyone's body is different (we all know that) so that means everybodys body reacts to different foods. Some foods that may be seen has "healthy" could acually be bad for you. A example is one of my instructors has a "allergy" to wheat and beer. Now beer is one thing but wheat was a surprise. My Dad has been eating pasta his whole life. He took the test and turns out tomatos are very bad for him. He did eat alot of tomatos when he tried dieting and he ended up with gout on his toe.

If you are serious about getting a diet plan together i reccomend talking to a doctor or a health experet that could do a blood test for you.
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