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7/24/09 10:49:25AM
Over the past couple of years, the UFC has entertained the possibility of having a show on Hawaii. Unfortunately, due to the large tax (estimated to be about 8%), the UFC has decided not to have a card there.

However, that is about to change.

“We fixed the thing in Hawaii,” said Dana White. “We’re going to go to Hawaii. They had that crazy f’n tax going on.”

7/24/09 11:11:29AM
I could be wrong, but I don't see much for the UFC in Hawaii. I think the shows will be small and not worth while. Hawaii is too far from anything else and I don't predict enough local support to make it economically feasible.
7/24/09 12:35:50PM
We run this town, you see. You wanna do business here? You need protection, you see. We get a cut, you see.
7/24/09 1:16:31PM
Hopefully doing a fight night?... But I guess BJ would have to be on it... Hmmm..
7/24/09 1:49:26PM
ROTR had great cards with great support . I dont see why a UFC wouldn't be sold out .
7/25/09 9:14:17AM
if it does go then i might take my first full week vacation in over 10 years and go
7/25/09 7:48:57PM
A UFC event in Hawaii would sell out fast. Especially if BJ is on the card. I know when I went to Vegas for 84 it seemed like the whole state of Hawaii followed BJ to the event. Everywhere you looked there was a scrap and destroy t-shirt and people shouting "808" which I lated found out was an area code in Hawaii . But anyway, I think the event would be a success for the UFC.
7/26/09 4:16:25AM

Posted by roadking95th

We run this town, you see. You wanna do business here? You need protection, you see. We get a cut, you see.

7/27/09 5:35:52AM
I have to think it would easily sell out here in Hawaii. Although the typical mma crowd in hawaii is not a group you wanna be around after the fights when everyone's drunk and amped.
7/28/09 10:32:44PM
WOW when did Dana mention that one. Awesome since we thought for awhile that UFC would never come due to the sanctions and heavy taxes. Too bad it wasn't for UFC 101 with BJ Penn. Maybe later they can feature BJ in a Hawaii based UFC.

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