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8/16/07 10:59:47PM
I am at a school right now that does some jits but I am going to a total jiu-jitsu school in a few months, I am compeating in some tournaments and want to buy a new gi right now I have a judo gi (cause thats what my school sells )but want to get a good one to roll in I did some reasearch online and found that there are conflicting reviews about HCK gi's. some people say that the fabrick is too rough and that the seems can give you bruises on your back, others say it is a great gi andf that they highly revcamend it . I would really appreciate the help.
8/16/07 11:23:31PM
hah i have one its great. if your worried about bruises,or being comfortable....dont bjj.
8/17/07 4:46:04AM
sure your gonna have bruises doing bjj but im sure what he meant was extra,specifically gi caused bruises
8/17/07 4:58:26PM
how is a kimono gonna cuase bruises.....i just dont see it?
8/17/07 11:13:30PM
They said that there was a seem along the lower back that when you worked the gaurd the would give you bruises
8/25/07 12:01:25AM
If personally prefer Mizuno GIs but HCK are top quality too, can't go wrong with either of those too. If you're looking for something else that's good but a little cheaper check out Koral or Pearl Gis, they aren't quite as nice but they are still good quality and great for what you pay for them.

Hope that helps man, and have fun on the mats!
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