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9/14/08 11:12:03AM
I just got off the phone with a friend of mine over at HBO (who will remain anonymous) and they want nothing to do with "bastardizing" (as he put it) their Boxing product.

It seems Golden Boy offered the Arlovski/Barnett fight on the under card of Hopkins/Pavlik... but HBO rejected the idea.

We also discussed the end game:

If Golden Boy is successful what then? You just converted another fan pool for the UFC. The casual UFC fan will not order these mixed boxing/MMA cards who wouldn't already... so the best case scenario for Golden Boy is to convert their boxing fans into MMA fans.

Is Golden Boy taking a risk may bite them in the ass? It seems HBO is not.

If you work the numbers and realize that in order to be successful you would have to convert a good portion of the boxing fans into MMA fans... that opens up alot of variables that can blow up in your face - for example: right now boxing ppv's are hurt by counter programming via other boxing events on other networks...

This would create a situation where counter programming by other MMA events can then have a similar effect.

For HBO It would be like playing chess against 2 players where you only have one set while the other 2 each have their own... how can you conceivably protect your king?

9/14/08 1:02:28PM
I think having MMA and boxing on the same card would be a mistake. This is not the x-games.... are they going to have a table tennis match to open the event? Maybe an arm wrestling contest?
9/14/08 2:37:06PM
Acually i want mma to stay as far away from Boxing as it can. Affliction is who bastardizing mma. before long boxing wont even hold mma's jockstrap. Boxing is a crooked out of date sport. The only boxing worth watching is in black and white. MMA doesnt need Don Kings and Gary Shaw's to muck up the purity of mma. Just my opinion
9/14/08 3:00:54PM
I couldn't agree more, but what we have to realize is that the partnership points to a need for money from additional sources. Affliction is paying their fighters very well, and the only way they can do so is to borrow money from their other businesses. I think Affliction has a good thing going, but I'm not sure they can continue to pay their fighters what they have been without exhausting their resources from their merchandise industry. It's that whole robbing Peter to pay Paul thing. In addition, I don't think I have heard a single positive comment on the playground about this collaboration. Now I don't mean to assume too much about our members, but generally speaking guys who keep up with the sport to the level that we do are not casual fans. We love the sport over all. When your die hard fans take issue with your business decisions, you usually lose fans. Affliction wants to offer good pay for long term contracts, but if you have to borrow money from Oscar and company, then you're shooting yourself in the foot. Next thing you know Arlovski is getting locked in to fighting on HBO when he needs to be in the ring with Barnett or Fedor ya know? It gives control over an mma promoting company to a boxing promotional company. The thing about business partnerships is the people handing out the money typically get to dictate what you do with the money. Now i'm not saying it's all bad, but I am saying I don't think it's a good decision. If I buy an Affliction card, I want to see mma for the full 2-3 hours. I don't want to sacrifice legitimate mma contests to watch a bad undercard of boxing and I don't want to pay boxing pay per view costs because Golden Boy decides Oscar needs to fight on the Fedor card. I'm not saying I wouldn't watch, I'm just saying I'd rather keep it the way it was. It's sad that the company is already looking for other options considering they have only had one major card. I hope it works out for the companies overall, but Dana may have been on to something when he said he would be shocked if Affliction was still in the mma business by the beginning of next year. At a minimum it looks like it will be in the business of mixed promotion between mma and boxing by the end of this one.
9/14/08 4:17:29PM

Posted by saemskin

I think having MMA and boxing on the same card would be a mistake. This is not the x-games.... are they going to have a table tennis match to open the event? Maybe an arm wrestling contest?

MMA and boxing bad mix not the X-games great point
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