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5/11/07 5:44:58PM
The news of the record-breaking PPV buyrate for Oscar De la Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has almost been overshadowed by the news that HBO Chairman and CEO Chris Albrecht has been fired.

5/12/07 3:21:49PM
Thanks! That's some important news! I wonder how much it will matter if UFC teams with HBO or not.
5/12/07 3:41:23PM
This story reminds me of those 80's movies where some criminal was hired to go undercover for the FBI/CIA deep inside some criminal community...only for the police chief to mysteriously get hit by a bus or go into a coma...unfortunately for the undercover agent, the police chief was the only person knowing his secret....and this is the part of the story where he realizes that he must fend for himself and prove his innocence by taking the law into his own hands.

/Just sayin'
5/14/07 10:59:57AM
How much do you think this could affect the UFC?? Hopefully it doesn't hurt em too much
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