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9/22/07 11:00:20AM
Sorry for getting to this late (been a long work week). If you haven't seen the Hazelett vs. Goulet fight- you gotta see it. Hazelett's jujitsu is amazing as he starts on his back and works for a kimura, transitions into a sick armbar and gets even more crafty when he quickly releases a hand for a second to grab Goulet's foot to trip him up, rolling him over. Goulet's arm looked like it was ready to break off. This fight really impressed me and it is a shame it did not make the tv event. The dude is really young (22) and shows a ton of potential. I guess he trains with Jorge Gurgel and rolls with Rich Franklin. Anyhow, this guy deserves some attention from the playground.
9/22/07 11:12:22AM
It was sick. Very smooth in his transitions.
9/22/07 11:16:34AM
Dustin Hazelett is the future of the lightweight division.
9/22/07 12:21:35PM
That fight was impressive. I was just as impressed with Hazelett's sportsmanship in that fight as well. He did not have to let go of that armbar when Goulet screamed but like he said, he would have broke his arm if he didn't. The ref did not see the tap as it was under dustin but he let go when he heard Goulet scream. VERY classy move on Hazelett's part and I gained a ton of respect for him on that one.
9/22/07 12:58:24PM

Posted by tepid55

Dustin Hazelett is the future of the lightweight division.

I wouldn't go that far, but he at least deserves a televised fight night fight. I mean he is quickly becoming the Jon Fitch of the LIghtweight division
9/22/07 9:12:03PM
id like to see him fight some of the bigger names in the division. goulet is great in smaller orgs, but thats it, hes not UFC caliber, and i dont think he ever will be.

the division has enough possible opponents for him i hate to see them bringing in guys like goulet.
9/23/07 5:08:04AM
McLoving made lol When I heard that.
PS go see Superbad
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