Hazelett vs. Burkman Likely For TUF 7 Finale

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3/25/08 10:20:42AM
Dustin Hazelett vs. Josh Burkman is about set for the TUF 7 Finale. Both have accepted the fight and it will be made official soon.

3/25/08 10:37:12AM

oh bad luck peoples warrior!!! my boy is subbing you quick as!

quality fight to add to a TUF Finale card, surely will be main card? better be!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3/25/08 11:08:34AM
maybe burkman's last stand, he loses another fight he might be on his way out. good fight though
3/25/08 11:17:25AM
burkman is too strong to get subbed by hazlett, this will be a good fight though. burkman takes it by decision.
3/25/08 12:55:52PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

maybe burkman's last stand, he loses another fight he might be on his way out. good fight though

Burkman dropped decisions to Parisyan and Swick, and got beat by Fitch. He's no contender for now, but definitely a UFC level fighter.
3/25/08 1:03:15PM
Good, it's a great match for both. Burkman's coming off a lackluster fighter, even worse he lost. Hazellett just got stopped by Kos. Both need to prove they are still threats to the top 5 Welterweights by demolishing the other. They both need to put on fight of the night or get a quick win to impress Dana & Joe Silva.

Should be a great fight with fireworks, I don't know who I'll pick but both need to step it up and put on a war, especially the loser if he even wants to stay in the UFC and not be a gatekeeper.
3/25/08 2:10:21PM
Even though he lost, Hazelett's standup looked good in his last fight. Burkman on the other hand has yet to improve at all with his standup it seems. If I remember correctly, he still just drops his head throws wild haymakers without setting them up. If they miss, he turns it into a takedown attempt. I think he mostly fights on raw talent and athleticism, which he has alot of but I dont see him winning here. Hazelett is pretty crafty and I think if he doesnt hurt him standing, he will find a way to catch him from the bottom.
3/25/08 4:35:53PM
bye bye burkman, hello hazelett who is only 21. He really impressed me with his fight with koscheck, wish he would have won cus i picked him to win.

Burkman can't hang with this deep 170 division anymore. move to WEC?
3/25/08 8:44:16PM
WEC??? NO...he wont get past Allesio, Larson, or Condit. He needs to win here or go to another org like the IFL.
3/25/08 9:43:35PM
hazelett, really impressed by him in defeat except the crying but hes got potential, i see him subbing burkman in the 2nd or 3rd

burkman should definatly go to Elite or WEC win or lose
3/25/08 10:02:22PM
I would love to see this fight. I've watched Hazelett fight a few times and really like the kid and Burkmans fights and usaully pretty good except for the Swick fight. It would be a good fight for this card.
3/26/08 3:31:52AM
Hazelett has a chance in this 1!!!
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