Hazelett/Burkman indecision

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6/15/08 7:26:27PM
is anyone else having a hard time picking this one?

i can think of multiple scenarios involving both these guys winning

i usually go to the odds when im this torn but they have them both -120

what's a guy to do?

props to anyone who can sway my pick on this one
6/15/08 7:32:50PM
Dustin is sick, I say he puts Burkman to sleep in his Triangle in the 1st Round. Also I think his Striking is better, he rocked Josh Koscheck and also had a Tight Triangle sunk in on him.
6/15/08 7:59:03PM
Dustin has better stand-up in terms of # of weapons he can use. Burkman is only looking for that one punch to set up a takedown or a KO but he has the edge in power(see Karo fight).

Look for Dustin to start strong with a flurry of flashy kicks, knees and combos. Burkman will clinch and body-lock takedown where Dustin will start to throw some subs up. Josh should survive this through Round 1 and will most likely look to take Dustin down in Rd2 for GnP / LnP.

Round 3 - Josh is gonna be gassed coming out after he has been working hard for 2 rounds. He tries for a sloppy takedown and Dustin throws a tight guilliotine to which Josh taps at 1:24 of Rd3.

This is my best guess.
6/15/08 8:22:57PM
Hazelett for sure, i think this is an easy pick for me IMO. Dustin is just all round better.
6/15/08 9:20:46PM
Hazelett is clearly the better fighter in this one, I have no idea why the odds are so close.
6/15/08 9:56:54PM
Hazelett is a long lanky fighter. He is all around a better fighter than Burkman. Burkman has one punch power as his advantage but not much else. He is not going to want to take Hazelett down and as we have seen Burkman fades after the first round. Hazelett seems to have great cardio and in my opinion proved he is a very talented fighter in his last fight. He should have the "will to win" advantage over Burkman as well.
6/15/08 10:02:48PM
I personally am choosing hazelett mainly because of burkmans skill level. But You might be interested to hear that burkman is a 2-1 favorite on a few betting sites.
6/16/08 2:00:47AM
I think burkman can take him down and keep him there he seems like the stronger fighter and will show some wrestling skills,I say Burkman by UD
6/16/08 7:42:24AM
I see the Hazelett bandwagon rolling strong, ive always been a big fan since his 1st ufc fight, i picked him to beat Koscheck and was so nearly right, still think that was an early stoppage mind! Dustin rocked him and almost had that triangle, tho i worry his legs are too lanky to get good triangles

These threads are always odd and think are best saved for camps, i mean you are asking for help from your opponents/competition

Dustin by UFC's 1st GogoPlata 2nd RD 2:44
6/16/08 2:37:57PM
that would be amazing

Im leaning dustin as well. Burkman could get a KO. he has serious power. he oculd also decision him via superior wrestling and strong sub defense
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