Hatebreed singer hopes Chris Camozzi able to use music in future

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3/27/13 11:52:41PM
Hatebreed isn't banned from the octagon, but it may be on the outs while the UFC fights to legalize MMA in New York. Still, the band's lead singer hopes to continue a relationship with UFC fighter Chris Camozzi.

3/28/13 12:35:06PM
hatebreed is in my top 3 favorite bands, i listen to their songs all the time, and have seen them in concert. that being said, i have no idea how hatebreed got labeled a white power band. that is ridiculous.

and, the article said "Hatebreed had also crafted the walkout music for ex-champ Andrei Arlovski." this song was not done by hatebreed, but by a side project of jamey jasta's called "ice pick"

either way, i hope they reconcile with hatebreed because it seems that the band has been big supporters of the ufc and several big named fighters.
3/28/13 2:32:56PM
I like Hatebreed somewhat and they are definitely not white supremacists or racists but what do they expect the ignorant masses to think when they have a name like "Hatebreed"? I hear plenty of heavy and/or relatively fast music in the UFC so I think that is just an excuse and the proof of that excuse is the fact that they won't even allow the word "Hatebreed" to be seen on a shirt. People should always do a little research before they pass judgement on something. CNN really dropped the ball a few months back when they proclaimed Hatebreed to be a white power band.
3/28/13 8:15:54PM
Just waiting for the outcry about Godsmack...