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3/26/08 10:33:22PM
I really hate how the way he talks when he announces the fighters and their stats and stuff i mean his voice is just so annoying.
3/26/08 11:19:01PM
Yes he is no better than me doing it
3/26/08 11:20:58PM
Yes...and WTF is a "ready" pound ? "Weighing in at 155 ready pounds"....uggh.
3/26/08 11:29:21PM

Posted by scoozna

Yes...and WTF is a "ready" pound ? "Weighing in at 155 ready pounds"....uggh.

Yeah, I always laugh when he says that...
3/27/08 12:21:18AM
Yeah hes horrible....... his voice makes my ears bleed
3/27/08 12:49:36AM
i hate almost everything about him

-how he says there names annoys the shit outta me (more annoying than the guy who annoucnes movies with that fake low voice)
-just how he talks in general, tone, pitch, choice of words
-how he announces the fighters ("ready pounds", "in 14 pro fights hes tasted defeat just twice as a pro...with a record of 12 wins and only 2 blemishes"???wtf)
-did i mention his pitch and tone, god thats fukn annoying
-oh yeah and every record is outstanding according to this fool, "an outstanding pro record into the cage....7 wins and just 2 blemishes and a pro" somebody fire this guy NOW
3/27/08 2:44:28AM
I agree with everything said so far in this thread. Watching the UFC and being used to Bruce buffer has me spoiled.

BTW...Since Zuffa owns both the UFC and WEC, why not just Dump Martinez and get Bruce Buffer in there to Announce for the WEC? Makes sense to me!

BTW...We should be OK with this thread. Fighter bashing isn't allowed, but they never said anything about announcer bashing
3/27/08 12:48:25PM
yes haha
3/28/08 9:51:34AM
He is terrible and so annoying
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