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9/11/08 9:16:47PM
I have no desire to see this fight, as I don't want to watch randy get totally embarrassed and soundly beaten into retirement. Not to mention I think him and Big Nog is a much more interesting style matchup, and one Randy has some sort of real chance to win. Even though Nog is older and slower and his chin seems to be deteriorating he's still an amazing fighter and I've wanted to see him and Randy fight for some time. That just has the makings of an insanely good fight IMO.
9/11/08 9:44:52PM
I really dont want to see another pointless Fedor fight. He would TKO him in the first ala overhand right....or knock him down and get an easy sub.

Fedor needs to fight Barnett and Arlovksi before anything.

Randy vs Sergei Kharitonov or Alistair Overeem sems to be bit more on his level. Both of which id pick over Couture.....
9/11/08 11:54:38PM
Randy Sergei would either be a first round stoppage or a hellish, grinding, absolute war of a fight. I would totally be down to watch that one.
9/12/08 8:28:20AM

Posted by jkdskinhead

Is no one going to mention that Randy is 16-8?

ok, randys record isnt stellar compared to fedors ill give you that, but randy has been in a ton of title matches and a lot of times fighters look their best when fighting for the belt. so hes lost the belt a few times but i think the fact that it was seemingly always a title match that he was in lets me know he didnt ever get time off to face a can. fedor held the pride belt for a long time, so obviously the guys he was in there with fought up to his level as well, but he had matches in between there that were basically freak shows for the japanese fans to get off on. theyve both fought great competition and been great champions, and although im still not ready to pick a winner if this fight ever does happen, im leaning towards fedor, but i never count randy out, he is a gamer and seems to come through with his best when hes a big underdog.
9/13/08 8:58:20PM
Ya, there is now way this fight can live up the hipe. I have nothing but respect for Randy, but Fedor will walk through him. There is no way Randy makes it out of the first round.
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