Hardest belt process in BJJ?

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7/23/09 3:32:47AM
Obviously the black belt is the hardest belt to get in BJJ. But what process would you guys say is the hardest and longest?

Going from a:

White belt to Blue belt
Blue belt to Purple belt
Purple belt to Brown belt
Brown belt to Black belt

I wouldn't know, since i'm still a white-belt.
7/23/09 3:53:29AM
I would have to say from white to blue or brown to black. I suppose that is depending on the school. Most brown belts are on the level of black belts skill wise the difference comes in the ability to teach the techniques that puts them on the black belt level and break down every little aspect of every situation. In my situation I didnt get my blue belt for two and a half years, for the last year of that time I was competing against and beating blue belts and even some purple belts. Its frusturating because you want recognition for the hard work that you have put in but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you keep learning and getting better. The belt changes will happen eventually.
7/24/09 1:22:46AM
def brown to black, the others are more of a learning process, but once you get to brown it is more of a perfecting process. I'm not saying you don't have to learn at brown, because your always learning but by that time you should be perfecting all the moves you've learned prior, to prove your skills for your black belt test.
7/24/09 4:49:26PM
First i don't do no gui bjj mostly muay thai with no gui bjj and i've been told by most of the bjj guys that getting your purple belt is the hardest.
7/24/09 4:50:55PM
I think this really all depends on the school.
7/31/09 12:02:53AM
Telnights is right, it really depends on the school.

I think blue to purple seems to be the one that requires the greatest degree of technical improvement where I train, but the brown belt is the difference maker belt. What I mean is that many people will get a blue, then the number of people of that that get purple will go down significantly, but the number of those to brown go WAY down.

Most brown belts will get a Black Belt, and that's why it seems to be so difficult to get. It's kind of like the "Congratulations, you are almost a Black Belt" which is a lot of different than purple which is "Congratulations, you are really good at jiujitsu".
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