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8/9/08 12:20:16AM
I was just wondering if there are any serious hardcore/metal fans out there who wanted to brag about there local heavy music scene? I'm from upstate NY (Albany to be precise, 518). The scene here is nowhere near where it used to be (legend) but still thriving DIY style. Most of the legitimate clubs want nothing to do with the scene and putting on shows because of the fights that always break out. There is one promoter who puts on shows with serious contacts to bring in the big acts (Hatebreed, Unearth, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Etc.). But this promoter is veering away from the hardcore scene big time. So there are only a few promoters putting on small shows (about 100-200 people), but the venues are sparse.

I guess at this point the kids around here are too tough for shows and would rather brawl in the parking lot. Kids from around here go to other areas upstate (Syracuse, Utica, Rochester) and are hated because of their brawling ways. I've gone to shows across the state and have been unimpressed by other scenes' lack of passion.

I'm 26 and miss the days when I was a kid and shows were still brutal and tough, just minus the meatheads fighting all the time.

Anyway, enlighten me to how tough your scene is (if there is one). I'm most interested in the heavy music scene, but anyone can contribute about how great there local music scene is.

EDIT: Props for funny names for moshing/hardcore dancing. My favorite is fighting the invisible ninjas.
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8/9/08 12:23:59AM
I love me some Metal, I'm more of a Metalcore Man myself. Some of my Favorites are In Flames, Nightrage, Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, and Dark Tranquility.

I got into Metal by listen to Pantera and Slayer then drifted on to more Technical Metal
8/9/08 12:31:06AM
The Metal Scene where I live(about 30 miles from Pittsburgh, PA) is pretty dead, mostly just scene kids and there techno music(with some screamo) and mainly in my area rap.

Even though I'm 15, I love my metal.

Stuff I Like is as follows: Pantera, Alice in Chains, Amon Amarth, Slayer, The Haunted, Six Feet Under, and Cannibal Corpse.

I listen to metal all the time, hell I was listening to Pantera 5 minutes before I posted this.

Just saying, Seeing Phil Anselmo live(performing with DOWN) was the greatest experiance in my life

EDIT: As far a moshing, I just like ramming into the person next to me. The song I moshed to the most at the DOWN concert(the only concert I've been to was Ghosts Along the Mississippi.)
8/9/08 12:37:30AM
Here is a sweet metal band from your hometown bro. Once Nothing They are sick. Steal their album if you have too. Part hardcore/ part southern rock/ metal. They own... lots of cowbell. They are playing around your area on August 31.

I got to see Pantera eight years ago. RIP Dime...
8/9/08 3:40:16AM
Ever since Club Laga left Pittsburgh its pretty much been dead around here. You can still catch a ok show at Mr smalls but thats about it.
8/9/08 11:08:20AM
This is why my scene is struggling to come back. I know stuff like this is happening across the country.

FSU crew related murder outside Troy, NY club

This article does a good job of describing what happened to the upstate scene.
8/10/08 11:34:57AM
Im a big into it. Im in the northern virginia area, and really the scene within this area has been dead since ive gotten into it. you really have to go to baltimore, or richmond to see a really good show.

around here its rare to a. see a decent band. and b. when they do come rare to see more than 50 people.
8/10/08 12:55:32PM
The only thing the local radio stations around here are really pushing is As I Lay Dying's singer's side project "The Austrian Death Machine" If you guys haven't heard this stuff you absolutely have to. It's all music based on Arnold quotes. Some song names-

"Get to the chopper"
"Screw you, Benny"
"Who is your daddy, and what does he do?"

The stuff is hilarious and actually quite good.
8/10/08 2:36:24PM

Posted by postman

Ever since Club Laga left Pittsburgh its pretty much been dead around here. You can still catch a ok show at Mr smalls but thats about it.

wow i havent heard Club Laga mentioned in a long time..Yeah there really isnt much of scene around here..Just a bunch of douchey dudes thinking their metal but they pretty much suck...Im going to see NOFX at club zoo In Pittsburgh in october..And next saturday im going to the Metal Masters show which is Heaven & Hell,Judas Priest,Testament and Motorhead.
8/10/08 5:43:22PM
The most fun you will ever have.
A real good time.
8/10/08 5:46:56PM
I personally enjoy "If it bleeds we can kill it" by Austrian Death Machine
8/10/08 6:18:48PM
I'm big into metal and harcore like Throwdown, Subzero, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Hatebreed, etc.

The local scene, well there is none haha. Every band around here tries to be unique and make up the most ridiculous names like Ninja Vs. Pirate..... They're type of music is more like Fall Out Boy and all of those other ghey bands.
8/10/08 11:23:26PM
gotta love EGH.

but i always will and always will love nj bloodline.

i wish my scene was half of the ny/nj one
8/10/08 11:57:22PM
A childhood friend is involved in promotion, and they say "You want good shows, go to them." Promoters have to be able to afford the guarantee for the bands and the venue. If only fifty kids are gonna go to a show, they lose money on the show.

It sounds cliched, but when I was a kid going to shows (a decade+), 250 kids would show up for a set of ALL LOCAL BANDS.

The struggle is knowing that the people will show up. I've seen too many great bands play to 50 people, and ten of those are the girlfriends of the band members.

A shitty club costs around 400 bucks and decent headliners want at least that much to drive the 5 hours to get to the show. The only solution is to spread the word and get people to come out and hang, dance, and enjoy the energy of a crushing live set.
8/11/08 12:34:40AM
i booked shows for a few years. i booked a couple of the bigger hardcore bands before they got big (and expensive) and had a great time doing it. but i dont think id ever do it again.

so much shady shit you have to deal with, straight cash business, i wouldn't even tell people my real name, so much room to go wrong.
8/11/08 11:19:17PM
Any of you Pennsylvania peoples, check out this band. They are playing in East Stroudsberg soon (at the Penn Monster Factory). These guys crush. If you like metal/metalcore check them out. Help them blow up! They are from my hometown and I know the singer.

Heal These Wounds
8/11/08 11:45:22PM

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