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11/3/11 4:23:02AM
I was recently blessed with my second daughter Olivia On Oct 27th. She looks so much like my last one.. same stuff though. As usual I'll be focusing my priorities to at least set picks, but I won't be able to lurk. It sucks but ever sense the site changes I've only been able to log on a very few times. See ya'll around eventually.

Also I'll try to keep up as best I can with side games and picks as best I can.

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11/3/11 4:29:19AM
11/3/11 7:06:08AM
Awh man, she's beautiful. Congrats! Family always comes first, so enjoy your time with your new daughter.
11/3/11 8:29:52AM
11/3/11 8:38:50AM
Good stuff, bro. I'd give up anything for my daughter. She was the only reason I was successful at quitting smoking (cold turkey) after nearly 20 years. Enjoy!
11/3/11 9:13:00AM
Congrats Drew! Just by meeting you on our road trip to Chicago for Fedor/Hendo, I can tell they are both in good hands.
11/3/11 11:52:29AM
Congrats dude.
11/3/11 11:56:04AM
Total cuties, both of them. Congrats and see you when you have time to get on here.
11/3/11 12:02:48PM
You're one lucky man, congrats
11/3/11 2:36:00PM
You do good work, Enjoy them!
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