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POLL: why not poll it while where at it lol...Who wins the fight, Fedor or Alexander?
Fedor 90% (18)
Alexander 10% (2)
9/20/07 3:45:47PM
Yeah well this is a Wassup i guess to everyone on this site, Sending my love all the way from Quebec!!! Anyways this thing is pretty dope, just started last night and well awsome xperience so far soooo watch for me in the forumssssssss.

later daaaaayz

ps. If you do that whole put a voice to the text thing while you read, please lol, dont add a so called ''Quebecer'' accent like St.pierre or L'oiseau has lol, i just dont.
9/21/07 12:49:25PM
Welcome aboard. Nice job going 7-2 on that hard top ick card.
9/22/07 10:57:44AM
Dammit Ydoc, what happened to your bankroll man? You rocked last season. No worries, You'll pick back up.
9/23/07 10:59:32PM
Thanks bud, suprised myself on that one accually lol. Messed up on getting my picks in time for ufc 76, ill be back tho
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