Happy with win, Stevenson wants holiday break

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10/29/09 3:43:00PM
Heading into UFC 104, Joe Stevenson was taken back a little bit when he heard the news that Spencer Fisher had walked into UFC president Dana White's office and specifically asked to face the former "Ultimate Fighter" champion.

Stevenson was definitely up for the challenge, though. He bludgeoned his way to a second round TKO victory after getting Fisher caught in a crucifix, and hammered him with elbows to force the stoppage.

10/29/09 5:14:25PM
Greg Jackson's the love child of Chuck Norris and Yoda? I was thinking more along the lines of Mr. Miagi and Gandalf.
10/29/09 7:37:29PM
Chuck Norris and Yoda huh?! I'm not exacly sure how that would work... The shear mechanics of it are mind-boggling!
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