Happy Trails, John Madden

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4/16/09 11:11:48AM
He's just called it a career.

NEW YORK (AP)—John Madden is calling it quits.

NBC said Thursday that the burly ex-coach who has been one pro football’s top broadcast analysts has decided to retire. The 73-year-old Madden has been working for the past three seasons on NBC’s Sunday night NFL game. His last telecast was the Super Bowl between Arizona and Pittsburgh.

Since he left coaching in 1979, the former Oakland Raiders coach has worked as an analyst for all four broadcast networks. His “Madden NFL Football” is the top-selling sports video game of all time.

Madden is reluctant to fly and often traveled to games in a specially-equipped bus. He said in a statement that he still loves all aspects of the job, “but I know this is the right time.”

No more Madden & Pat Summerall...NFL game watching on TV won't be the same anymore. I still remember growing up when I could see Summerall & Madden calling a Sunday afternoon game every week on one of the nets.
4/16/09 11:13:19AM
Though I respect his legacy, I won't miss him. His commentating drove me nuts.
4/16/09 11:15:48AM
tons of people i know didnt like the way he was easily distracted and sidetracked, but i always found him hilarious, and he had a surprisingly sharp mind for the game considering the "sweat races" and food talk he would go on tangents with. hes going to be missed.
4/16/09 11:24:27AM
now what is Frank Caliendo gonna do for work?

4/16/09 11:25:03AM

Posted by cloppio

now what is Frank Caliendo gonna do for work?

...hopefully follow suit...
4/16/09 11:34:28AM
ive told my frank caliendo story on here before but its been awhile so ill rehash.

so i used to play in 3 on 3 basketball leagues at a place called mike hegans grand slam which had a couple of indoor courts and batting cages and stuff. one game we played was against these 3 tall nerdy guys that had a shorter nerdy guy keeping stats during the game. they were really good and better than they looked and we were all getting frustrated. eventually a foul gets called on my buddy(his SN is fof on here) and he yells out a swear and gets ejected. the ref that ejected him was none other than frank caliendo, the guy worked there for like 6 years. so years later he gets famous and is on madtv then gets his own show and suddenly we realize this is the same frank that was a sort of funny, nice guy that ejected one of us from a basketbell game. the guy NEVER did an impression in ther 5 years i played in leagues there so it was kind of shocking to see him doing it on tv, but thats my brush with fame.
4/16/09 1:53:48PM
Frank Caliendo is going to play john madden on MNF with Al Michaels, it will be like Madden never even left.
4/16/09 5:46:39PM
It was bad enough coping with Madden '09 without his commentary, but now we have to sit through NFL games without it? The world is going to hell in a handbasket

EDIT: And now we have to listen to Collinsworth rehash stories about his glory days every 5 minutes
4/17/09 12:56:08PM
Favorite Madden moment.

I don't remember who Miami was playing, but Ricky Williams kept running the ball between center and guard. So, Madden diagrams this and keeps saying Ricky is taking it to the "A" hole.

The game goes to commercial. When they get back, it miracously becomes the "A" gap.

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