Hi Everyone, and Happy New Year

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12/31/07 10:02:15AM
Hi everyone. I've just joined this site. Anyways, just to introduce myself. I'm Haresh from Singapore. My handle, KTAM, is the acronym of the martial arts I've learnt. First of it is Kung Fu, which I learnt at my country's equivalent of High School, until it was banned. After that, I continued to secretly learn weapons and started on my second martial arts training, Tae Kwon Do, until I hit black belt.

I later learnt basics of my third martial arts, Aikido. But peaceful sports are just not for me. I started learning my last, but not least, martial arts, Muay Thai. I been practising that for the past couple of years and am en route to representing my college in the inter-varsity tournaments and hopefully the international scene.

That's just a bit about my background. And before I sign off. Happy New Year.
12/31/07 1:59:35PM
Welcome to the Playgound.
I love seeing the Martial Arts background.
1/2/08 2:04:51PM
welcome to the playground
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