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1/15/09 8:27:42PM
I'm a die hard Steeler fan, pretty much bleed black and gold. Today at work I was handed my AFC Championship game: Ravens vs. Steelers ticket. Section 128 Row E. The best part it was free. I am so pumped up for this game. I just wanted to share my excitement with you all.

1/15/09 9:21:40PM
Holy @#$@ nice score! Congrats! I wish I could score some tickets
1/15/09 11:30:43PM
have a great time
1/15/09 11:35:22PM
im a cowboys fan die hard i bleed blue threw and threw. and i got tikets few years ago and i wasnt even playoff and i was juiced so i can only imagine steeler fan or not i hope you have tthe time of aa lifetime bro
1/16/09 12:06:21AM
Go Ravens lol have a good time tho
1/16/09 5:56:26PM
I'm so jealous that I'm not even going to wish you have a good time or anything
1/17/09 11:03:29AM
Have a good time bro.
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