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10/19/08 12:29:37PM
That was a very disappointing performance from Brandon Vera last night, and I think he's going to have alot of trouble from most of the top guys in the LHW division, granted Jardine isnt your typical striker. It still looked like his cardio needs to improve, he wasnt nearly as gassed as last time but I noticed he was breathing pretty hard by the beginning of the second round.

So what do you think the UFC will do with him? I dont know the details of his contract but there's no way they're going to keep paying him 200k for these kind of fights. Id like to see him stay with the UFC but he just isnt worth that kind of money imo.
10/19/08 12:32:20PM
He turned into Tim Sylvia plain and simple
10/19/08 12:36:02PM
He did basically nothing the entire fight. I dont think Vera is going to be a champ in the UFC at any point in his career and eventually end up a gate keeper or low ranked top ten at best. I would say just send him to WEC but they dont have the 205 anymore. Id say get him two or three more losses to get the fans to forget about him and dump him off the UFC's roster until he can live up to the hype, which i doubt he will do.
10/19/08 12:39:51PM
He needs to learn how to pull the trigger. seems as if he is gun-shy now, he needs to be aggressive as when he was in the beginning, up until than he isnt a threat anymore.
10/19/08 12:41:49PM
Vera is simply overrated that's all.

10/19/08 1:05:58PM
Vera needs to change his style asap. if he goes back to the aggressive mui thai style he will be great. I know jardine is great at throwing guys for a loop but vera could have been more aggressive. Right now he has to start from scratch. throw him a can and make him work his way back up the ladder.
10/19/08 1:30:40PM

Posted by copcopps

He turned into Tim Sylvia plain and simple

He was never Tim Sylvia IMO. I don't know how many times I have tried to state how Vera has been pumped up to be better than he really is.

People were saying what a great HW he was then he lost two fights in a row. The people started saying it was because he was small, but I see nothing different since his drop to LHW.

I mean, look at Bisping, his first two fights at MW convinced me that the change was great for him, even though I don't feel he is anything close to being a contender right now. But Vera looked even worse at LHW IMO.

10/19/08 1:31:53PM

Posted by tuvok500

Vera is simply overrated that's all.

I've thought so since the beginning and I've taken hell for it the whole time.

He's also not training with the same camp that he once was when he was dominant. I think going through all of the legal battles took a lot out of him. That kind of disloyalty can wreak havoc on a fighter's psyche, confidence, and motivation. To me he will always be a flash in the pan.

I'm not sure why anybody would want to try to play counter striker to Jardine's style anyway. The dude is just too unorthodox. Yet there was Vera... looking for an opening on the counter strike. If us dudes sitting on the couch at home can know you've got to bring it to Jardine then why can't his camp??
10/19/08 1:34:57PM
i saw no killer instinct from him last night.....he will be eaten alive by all the 205ers if he doesnt find him some
10/19/08 2:07:24PM
Not really surprised. He was bullied by a MW (Reese), I didnt think he would be able to impose his will against a much bigger and stronger guy that had better striking.
10/19/08 2:16:47PM

Posted by copcopps

He turned into Tim Sylvia plain and simple

i think that sums it up perfectly
10/19/08 3:54:01PM

It's harsh but true....he looks to not lose a fight instead of win....at least it looks that way. The whole fight I was thinking why won't he swing first, he had so many times to do it too!!
I also think he was overrated in the beginning, just look at his record and tell he what greats he has beaten to be talking about how he will have any belt, much less two at one time. I think the best guy he has a win over in his whole resume is either Mike Whitehead or Frank Mir. C'mon....really...Mir! If the UFC could get the great HWs back in the Octagon, Mir wouldn't even be considered a contender....more like a gate keeper! While Whitehead is a badass, and definately worthy of being in the UFC, I wouldn't call him a contender either. Let's see him beat some note worthy opponents in either division before he runs his mouth like that again!!!
10/19/08 4:52:11PM
I just don't understand why he's all of a sudden become so gun-shy...When properly used, his striking is great. He needs to use those kicks more. He needs to be on the aggressive, take the fight to his opponent, and try and put them away instead of trying to eek out a decision. He needs to not be afraid of getting hit, trust in his chin and his defense to block and get out of the way of punches, and GO AFTER his opponent. Get it in your mind to demolish them, take them apart. He just doesn't look like he has that kill instinct. He has a ton of potential, great striking w/hands, elbows, feet, and knees, a great guard, good bjj, he just needs to learn how to better utilize those tools and come up with different gameplans/strategies to battle his opponents.
10/19/08 7:50:59PM
There's a handful of figheter in the UFC who tear ass through everyone except top tier fighters. Vera is seeming to be one of those fighters, look at how badly he beats guys you haven't really heard of.

I think Arlovski has proven he is one as well, he'll totally destroy anyone who isnt top 10.

Roger Huerta is almost on my list, I'm watiching him... he hit a wall with Florian. We'll see what happens in his next fight.

Mike Swick will knock you out if you're not top tier. Yushin Okami proved that.

Who else we got?
10/19/08 10:50:04PM
So disappointed in Vera, never was a Vera fan, but was hoping he'd finally live up to his nickname..... His new nickname should be Brandon "The Hype Job" Vera. Pissed at myself for giving him another chance and thinking he would come through.
10/20/08 1:02:50AM
Ya, I have always defended Vera, and have always thought he would be better in his next fight. I am officially off the bandwagon.
10/20/08 1:06:11PM
i wouldn't mind seein Vera in Affliction..so that can build up their LWs or HWs more..but knowin Dana..he might just keep him around so Affliction doesn't pick him up...
10/20/08 5:11:56PM
Being filipino like Vera, I had hoped to see someone else arise in the fighting game, like Manny Pacquiao has done in boxing. Then after that, there would be shows in the Philipines and maybe he would fight for the title some day.

After a performance like that, he needs to be booted. That just shows he doesn't deserve to be in the Octagon because only the best should represent the UFC, not gun shy, so called "fighters". I don't want to bash on him like this but I was really disheartened to see him have that huge smile on his face while standing there in front of Jardine doing nothing...
10/20/08 6:29:51PM
Vera vs Chuck Liddell in the the phillipines!
10/22/08 12:26:50AM
dana white will probably pull an andre arlovski on him (i.e. give him a chump on an undercard fight) since he only has one fight left on his contract
it would be ironic if he follows in aa's footsteps and starts kicking ass again in another org. either way his b.s. gameplans of late have demolished his stock as a top contender so i wouldn't be surprised if he gets the boot (the ufc will need to free up the contract cash anyways to lure ex-elitexc prospects).
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