What happens if a recruit declines my invite

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5/13/08 12:14:04PM
I just started a camp and have sent out invitations to try to get some people to join. I have had a couple join my camp so I know that I get an e-mail to let me know that someone has joined, but if someone declines my invite will I receive a e-mail to let me know?

Is there something on my fight camp page that has a list of people that I have already sent invites to? Like a pending list?

I havent seen anything like this but because I am new to this I might have just missed it.

Thanks for your help.
5/13/08 2:08:58PM
Actually, you'll never know if they decline or not.

I sent out invitations a few different times and weeks went by without responses. And then occasionally I would get a message saying "New Fight Camp Member Notification". It turns out that UNLESS they decline it, the invitation is always active. They could get the invite and leave it in their mailbox only to return to it 3 months later and accept it.

I've had to remove members from my camp because of this. We're currently sitting at 30 members, which is the max for LHW's and every time I get the new member notification, I'll remove them from the team and send them a private message explaining why they were removed.
5/13/08 3:22:48PM
Thank you for the info. I was wondering if that was the case..