what happened to the videos????

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11/3/07 10:04:06PM
did a bunch of videos get taken down?
11/4/07 12:25:16AM
I'm not sure what happened...but I switched to list them by number of views rather than 'most recent' and bada-bing...there they are.
11/5/07 3:27:41AM
im not sure what happened with the videos

i think its because someone accidently named the folder after the url code and it completely messed with the server

I really like the mma video section but it seems that lately a lot of people are adding videos without even looking to see if it has already been uploaded.

it makes it a lot harder to comb through the pages when you have multiple videos of the same thing
11/5/07 4:41:36PM
I can't say exactly what happened. But the double posts of videos is getting old. Someone posts a video and all you have to do is serch and ...BAM!!...there it is, posted 2 days ago.
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