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6/9/08 5:29:14PM
at a friends house......

friend: hey dude watch kimbo beat up this dude and the dudes eye is all out of the socket and smashed, its cool

me: ive already seen it, hey find the video of "kimbo" vs "the bear" sean gannon

friend: nah dude that was a fluke, that dude kneed him, if he didnt do that kimbo woulda knocked him out

me: ok dude whenever kimbo fights someone really good lets make a high stakes bet, i'll let you know

friend: alright dumbass, hes gonna knock out all the HW's of the world

me: lol (for about 20 minutes)
6/28/08 3:03:05AM
Honestly though... all this talk of Kimbo being knocked out is cool and all.. but I really want to see Kimbo go against sombody who is going to make him tap... after all Tappin is for bitches... what sweeter way would ther ebe for Kimbo to lose his first match.. granted if he does not tap and the ref has to stop it cause he passes out.. I will give him some repsect for that.. but he has not earned any in ring respect as far as I am concerned.. I hold nothing against him for how he is being promoted...
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