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2/11/10 6:43:10PM
Was anyone listening to Sherdog radio live yesterday? I polished off the podcasts today while patrolling the mean streets of Brown County. While I listened to the Savage Dog Show. They had a damn fine interview with Chael Sonnen and cut the podcast off completely as the interview was coming to a close. Then at the beginning of the Beatdown podcast a caller alluded to the incident and the topic was immediately turned on it's ear and sent in a new direction.

Just curious if anyone was listening live and what the big incident was all about.
2/12/10 10:12:25AM
*** EDIT ***

Nevermind my previous post. I found the answer...

From the Sherdog forums...

The guys were roasting TJ pretty hard. TJ and his fiance's wedding site eventually came up on the air. After a lot of pressure and threats from Savage, TJ gave the link out on Twitter. Then on the advice of either Greg or Jeff listeners were told to make song request for the wedding, and TJ asked for wedding gifts. The song requests started off funny and later got explicit. It all got removed about thirty minutes later probably by his fiance. I imagine this didn't go over well in the De Santis household leading to TJ quitting. This all got deleted in the podcast.
2/13/10 8:53:37AM
Thanks for clearing that up. I honestly thought that they had carried on with the Sonnen interview and it got out of hand. But I figured that it would have made headlines if that was the case.
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