What happened to Roger Huerta???

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8/21/11 12:06:47AM
Roger "El Matador" Huerta left UFC to "dominate" in Bellator but instead lost two in a row. Months later he bounced back with a decisive KO victory over a woman punching coward in an un-official un-sanctioned street brawl outside of a Austin night club. Leaving the public to wonder if "El Matador" is pursuing a full-time super hero career. A year later & Roger is no where to be found. What happened to Roger "El Matador" Huerta???
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8/21/11 12:24:44AM
Right now i believe he's training in Thailand.
8/21/11 12:32:41AM
He should consider cutting to 145.
8/21/11 12:43:18AM
Probably tired of taking a beating and being in wars.
8/21/11 1:26:46AM
A month or two ago he was taking some time off in Thailand with Mike Swick and Phil Baroni. After that last I heard he was visiting different military bases to support the troops.
8/21/11 2:19:17AM
The same thing that happened to Cung Le
8/21/11 2:44:31AM
I think he was in The Expendables playing Dolph Lundgren's character.

I could be wrong.
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