Whatever happened to Jared Rollins?

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9/16/10 10:02:05AM

Rollins was defeated by War Machine at The Ultimate Fighter: Team Hughes vs. Team Serra Finale via TKO at 2:10 of the third round. The fight was later named fight of the night, which saw both Rollins and War Machine leave the arena with a 30 thousand dollar bonus, and a three fight contract with the UFC.

Rollins was set to fight Ben Saunders at UFC 86, but the fight was pushed back due to an unknown reason. The fight was then confirmed to be moved back to UFC 87, Rollins suffered a torn muscle in training and was forced to withdraw from the bout causing Saunders to fight a new opponent. Shortly after Rollins sustained another serious injury in training that put him out of fighting for 12 months. During this time, Jared Rollins was released from his contract and no longer fights for the UFC.

Weirdly, Rollins has never fought since the fight of the night performance, which ranked number 76th on the UFC's 100 greatest fights list.

9/16/10 10:33:02AM
That's crazy, I was just thinking about starting a where are they now TUF thread.

J-Rock was definitely promising, wish he would still fight.
9/16/10 12:12:03PM
He's going around the world preventing people from doing upper deckers.
9/16/10 10:07:21PM
The one fight he did have was pretty badass, regardless of where he is now
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