What Happened to my Fight Companion?

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10/4/08 7:22:20PM
In the secondary league, my fight companion isn't tonight's fights... it's the Sengoku that's going on in 4 weeks. What's up???
10/4/08 7:33:40PM
I dont know its happening to everyone.?
10/4/08 7:34:34PM
I'll post it here too for those that don't read the other thread.

click on secondary league.

click on points leaders.

find your name in the rankings (sucks if you're not on the first few pages).

to the right of your name you can select to view your picks for this event.

10/4/08 7:47:25PM
Go to the secondary league.
Click on game history
Click the last event on there
In the URL you'll see it end with a number, just change that number to the next higher number (I think in this case it will be from a 70 to a 71)

hope this helps
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