What Ever Happened to Dave Terrell?

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7/7/08 12:32:09PM
His last fight was a win against Scott Smith vis RNC @ UFC 59. People don't usually just stop after a win in the UFC. Does anybody know what happened to him? He has some awesome jujitsu and great punching power. Anyone that can KO Lindland has to be pretty good.
7/7/08 12:41:00PM
Unfortunately the guy is an injury magnet...he's been plagued with injuries, which resulted in many canceled fights.
7/7/08 12:49:12PM
all i remember is he was suppose to fight for ufc but got injuried and then released by ufc.
7/7/08 3:58:29PM
he was to suppose to fight ed herman
7/7/08 4:08:02PM

Posted by mrkennedy

he was to suppose to fight ed herman

I see.
7/7/08 5:17:12PM
Man If he hadn't of Knocked out Lindland we could of seen Lindland-Tanner or even Lindland-Franklin, the worst thing about the whole situation is that after that huge win he never went anywhere he just stayed average pulling out of a lot of fights
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