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12/10/08 1:11:00PM
The Official I'm High Thread?

I miss that shit, did it get deleted? Can we make a new one without it getting deleted? Someone get a mod!

We need a thread like that to express ourselves.
12/10/08 1:13:49PM
If you don't see it, then it probably did. Before my time, I think (as a mod that is). However, I believe the subject matter of it might fall under Rule 11:

11. Do not post explicit content: pornography, semi-clothed "hot chicks" threads, cannibalism, gore, snuff films, amputations, surgeries, or any thing else that might be offensive to regular folks. If you think that parents would not want their children to see, don't post it. We have many young members and parent/child players on the site. Just because its in the Padded Room forum doesn't mean that our young ones won't go there. There is no shortage of other sites and communities you can visit for the aforementioned topics. "Fail", "Pwned", and any other similar threads frequently get out of hand as well with one person trying to top the next, so just don't make them.

So, the way I interpret everything and how it relates to the rule, no. Although I'll check with Admin just to be sure.

Closed for now.
12/10/08 3:08:51PM
DC is right. The last one led to people passing out drug recipes.
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