what happend to my camp.....

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4/13/07 8:01:13AM
one day i logged in and my camp is gone, no email from website or anyone else. i understand if somethign went wrong but dont you think a email just letting us know its not our computers or failed to login in correctly thast the problem???

i love this site and the the fun its brought to the sport. but i think when you have to disband a group you should noitfy the users as to why and what.

so any ideas moderators?ok thx
it was called the sickden i beleive
4/13/07 9:48:30AM
I guess your leader, SICK RICK was finally banned.
4/13/07 3:28:38PM
what was sick rick banned for? I was just overtaking him money wise.
4/13/07 3:51:38PM
he was banned for trolling, putting down fighters, and being an idiot in general
4/13/07 3:58:04PM
Good, that guy was a douche.
4/13/07 8:15:58PM
4/14/07 10:36:27AM
ok thx guys,
well ididnt know em much past being invited to the camp.

if anyone has a open slot and wants someone with a strong obsession with MMA. i need a new camp =(

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