what do you think would happen if GSP moved to middle weight?

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10/14/07 7:14:42PM
i know this is not going to happen but ive been thinking that GSP is a very big welterweight and i feel if he moved to middle weight he would have just as good a chance at the belt. Imagine GSP vs Anderson Silva or GSP vs Rich Franklin
your thoughts?
10/14/07 7:17:54PM
he whats his belt but no way he is moven
10/14/07 7:36:45PM
The Guy above me needs some spelling and grammar lessons

As for GSP, I think he could possibly beat Silva, Franklin, or Henderson, but any of those fights could go either way.

I think he'd be best suited to dominate the Welterweight division. I'd rather see Hughes move up to Middleweight.
10/14/07 7:37:11PM
I think hed do pretty good, but i just think hed get knocked out by anderson and rich. I no hes a big welterweight, but their both huge middleweights and im not sure if he could handle their power. Still, i think hed make some very exciting match ups, but theirs more good matches for him at WW so theird be little point in moving.
10/14/07 7:48:20PM
well GSP was indeed telling at ufc all access that he wanted to clean the WW division and move up to the MW division to face , well at this point it was silva, so it is still possible but not for a while, he have to clean the WW division before and it will be very hard with fitch closing very fast.

well GSP / FITCH will be a great fight, i go with GSP for sure.

as for GSP / SILVA well, i will go with gsp but it will very hard to avoid the pin point accuracy of silva, but gsp has always proved that he can beat you at your home game.

10/14/07 7:52:43PM
He's just so good at everything, I don't think he can outstike anderson but he can definetly beat him on the ground, and I think he can beat Rich anywhere. I'd rather him stay and dominate all the WW's.
10/14/07 7:54:40PM
him and silva would be a crazy fight.... but i dont think he'll be moving up. unless something drastic happens.
10/14/07 9:01:02PM
If Franklin doesnt win then the UFC should encourage GSP to move up because that division would need him.I dont want to sound like everyone else, but GSP will most likely have the WW title again, but the way things are going these days it probably wont happen untill march or april.
10/14/07 9:19:28PM
he would be mediocre.... he would smashed by hendo,silva,and franklin
10/14/07 9:47:26PM
Anderson would maul GSP... Anderson is the better striker, better in the clinch, better BJJ, the only thing GSP could do is take him down but thats after he got through the mile long reach of Silva. He could possibly beat Franklin with a UD but GSP isn't ever going to be MW champ if he did move up. He should stay WW and murder Serra like we all thought he would in there rematch (whenever that will be)
10/14/07 10:00:24PM
He would do good, But I am with everyone else, He could compete, But not dominate.
10/15/07 8:48:06AM
he would be 15 pounds heavier at weigh ins
10/15/07 9:59:02AM
He definately has the build and size for it. I do think he would dominate most MW fighters, but not the top 3 or 4. I think he could possibly obtain the belt. However, we all know he isn't going to MW. He may down the road, maybe 3 or 4 years from now. He may get the WW belt back and decide that he wants to go for the MW belt too. However, he's the perfect size for a WW. He's a HUGE WW, one of the biggest you'll ever see. He has one of, if not the, best all-around game in MMA. He's amazing and one of my favorite fighters to watch. He's respectful and down-to-Earth and has a good head on his shoulders. I wouldn't mind seeing him fight at MW, but only after he takes the WW belt back and succesfully defends it a few times.

All he would have to do is not cut weight, or maybe a couple of pounds, if that, to make weight for a MW fight. He cuts weight to make weight at WW.
10/15/07 12:08:58PM

Posted by thepunisher

he would be 15 pounds heavier at weigh ins

10/22/07 6:45:54PM
Silva would smash on him point blank
10/22/07 7:04:01PM
he wouldn't be in top 5 in the ufc he would be like a kendall grove
10/22/07 7:46:48PM
I think GSP would have a hard time in MW. After being so large at WW I think he would find it hard to push his opponents around and keep them down. I hate to say it, but Silva would wreck him.
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