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5/1/08 2:59:08PM
i was just thinking of this because of franklin's recent comment about moving up to 205, and gsp's comment on challengeing Anderson silva. But I'd be interested to see how this fight would turn out maybe if gsp beat silva and franklin didnt move up. i think franklin has the stand up advantage and might win if he doesn't get taken down. which also makes me think that gsp could't get past silva since his striking is better than franklins. What do you think is going to happen with all of these comments by fighters about moving up or just about this match in general?
5/1/08 4:20:34PM
GSP would lose if he couldn't take Rich down... Rich also has the ability to get back up after being taken down by a strong wrestler... Okami is bigger and stronger tehn GSP and Rich got back up after his takedowns... GSP is unwilling to trade with anyone (his own words) my guess is he knows he got a weak chin and doesn't want it exploited.... I say Franklin 2nd rd KO
5/1/08 4:26:06PM
What weight class. It is unreaal to make them fight at a 20 Lbs weight difference
5/1/08 5:44:55PM
GSP. Okami could have beaten rich if he pressed the action. gsp would out wrestle and control the fight. IMO
5/1/08 5:50:40PM
I'd pick GSP. GSP is on a roll in the 170 right now, and Franklin, while still second best at 185, is a looooong way behind Anderson, and I've gotta believe that is hurting his willpower right now. A demoralised Franklin would get mauled by GSP when he is on a high. If Franklin wasn't in a (imo) shakey place mentally, and GSp wasn't on fire, it might be a different story.

I don't think it's time for GSP to fight Anderson though, he has the wrestling technique to get Anderson down, but I'm not sure he will get past Anderson's striking. Besides, I want to see GSP beat Fitch and Shields, which I think he will do, he still has business at 170.
5/1/08 8:28:18PM
Franklin could never move down but if he could I would pick him. The weight and strength difference is huge.

GSP's wrestling wouldn't be as big of a factor due to the size difference.

5 round decision franklin by manhandleization.
5/1/08 10:06:32PM
i was talking about if gsp moved up and franklin stayed at middleweight, not moved down or have them fight each other at different weights.
5/2/08 1:48:26AM
Rich Franklin is a big guy; I think in would be a war and GSP would win by armbar in the 3rd round
5/2/08 11:12:42AM
GSP all due respect to Rich but GSP would beat him down. GSP is just straight out a warrior and would beat him. He could beat him in wrestling and take him down. And his stand up game is just as goods. Hell all GSP would have to do is throw knees.
5/2/08 11:38:27AM

Posted by Tein_Lung

GSP is unwilling to trade with anyone (his own words) my guess is he knows he got a weak chin and doesn't want it exploited.... I say Franklin 2nd rd KO

LOL these comments from the guy who guaranteed that Serra would beat GSP again!

GSP does not have a weak chin pal, why do you spout such BS? When has GSP EVER been knocked out by one punch???

Does Serra have a weak chin cause shonie carter knocked him out? Does Chuck Liddell have a weak chin cause Rampage knocked him out? Does Jardine have a weak chin cause Alexander knocked him out?

Sorry but you clearly have no idea as to what a weak chin means, cause GSP has NEVER been knocked out like Liddell,Jardine or Serra and none of those guys have weak chins either.
5/2/08 11:58:06AM
Gsp might decide to stand with franklin, becouse he it wouldn't really be a slug fest since their both so technically sound, and rich hasn't really got k.o power, i mean other than the quarry fight he normally wears his opponent down with his strikes. I think if this fight happened rich would beat gsp up in the clinch and eventually k.o him with a headkick. Id give gsp a good chance though, although i think his only way of winning is to hold rich down for the duration. And thats no easy task.
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