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8/3/08 11:44:02PM
i believe theyre going to say its an open competition with favre and rodgers but will start rodgers.. and theyre just doing this to shut favre up... hopefully they will trade him i would love to see him in the afc so my giants dont have to play him
8/3/08 11:46:35PM
I couldn't care less! That guy is such a attention slut,he whores him self out to the camera any chance he gets. I hope the leauge says no you can't come back and guess what your not getting any money either!
8/3/08 11:47:19PM
this is only the first step of the favre saga. I think he might take a run at being the starter again, you know. Like actually make favre compete for the starting job instead of handing it to him and see how he does in training camp. Then see if you want to trade him or have him start or be the back up to rodgers.
8/3/08 11:48:39PM
if they trade him send him to the browns so thier young qbs can learn from a master i would love to see that
8/4/08 1:58:39AM
haha they wouldnt send him to the browns when derek anderson played like a top QB last year and just signed him to a new contract and have brady quinn. Or i mean the browns wouldnt take the offer, they would have send players away or draft picks for favre when they already have a good QB.
8/4/08 2:05:22AM
I wish he would make his mind up. Either to retire or keep playing.
8/4/08 3:49:59AM
Pretty sure he's going to be there on a team since he is reinstated, might be a backup or starter.
8/4/08 9:26:10AM
They are going to have him compete for the spot i think. Local news here has had a helicopter following him all last night when he got off the airplane in green bay (where 500 people waited outside a gate in the pouring rain) and then continued him while he got his police escort through town to his house. Its all anyone in the news is talking about and im sick of it.

If you guys think you are hearing too much about it, you cant imagine having a front page story in the news about it everyday. Some guy goes psycho with an assualt rifle in the northwoods killing a bunch of teenagers swimming in a river and Brett Favre gets reinstated on the same day. Guess which one got top billing on the news?
8/4/08 11:03:37AM
Damn those Teenagers they prob. were drinking and smoking weed any ways. Besides its not like they are going to get the packers to the playoffs!

Ppls perception of whats important in the world blows my mind.
8/4/08 4:00:32PM
The Packers just have to get rid of him and it will end right there. Theres too much talk about Favre in the NFL and right now, i don't really care what they do with him. Packers are better off without him, honestly. He's just plain selfish right now.

On a different note, he is on the Madden 09 cover, so if he plays next season, the madden curse might act up and he'll have a terrible season. lol.
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