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1/1/11 2:58:07PM
First of all let me start by saying I could care a lot less about the "primary" league as I do the secondary league. I think placing high in the 2nd league is really about being w/ the hardcore of the fans. I love *** mma and the wec (which made me sad that I was losing those picks and great cards to the ufc.). So when the secondary league gets screwy I get worried. I read why no wagers were done on the WVR/Dream card, but why were half the bouts cut? Not to be a d-bag but when I looked at the gentleman w/ the first place ranking he had 105 pts. I was impressed until I looked at his picks and he had only 60 pts. I really love mmaplayground it has added a great dimisnsion to my fav sport and I'm not meaning to come of as a prick I'm just trying to figure it out.
1/1/11 3:09:36PM
Maybe doing well in Secondary league is about "being with the hardcore fans", but the fact remains that it has always been significantly easier to play than primary league. I've played both for several years, and always done better at secondary.

Primary league has more players, and much more competitive fights, and is much, much more difficult to do well in.

Now that the WEC has been absorbed into the UFC, there aren't really any difficult fights to pick in Secondary, and interest is waning.
1/1/11 4:26:19PM
Prolly cause not enough people picked the fights.
1/1/11 4:29:20PM
There actually were 12 fights, and they were all scored, but for whatever reason only 7 fights appeared in the Fight Companion. Personally I'm not complaining because I had my best score ranking (#24) since my very first Secondary event here.
1/1/11 11:50:31PM
Thanks for explaining all 12 were scored. Yes it is harder to place in the ufc and joe silva puts matches together to piss off bookies. My point is I prefer japanese mma(they censored out japanese) and the crowd beinnd them. So the "hardcore" fans is a joke imo. I'm just saying I'm more into it.
1/2/11 1:10:05AM
Hey twenty which part of MO are you from?
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