Have you ever gone to a Hank III show?

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2/18/09 10:20:14AM
I've just recently started getting into Hank III and I'm wondering how kickass his live show is. I'm guessing it'd be one hell of a good time but I'm curious to see what others have to say about it.

Hank III & Assjack

2/18/09 2:33:12PM
dude, hanks is the man!...one of the few current "country" artists that i listen too........i have all his albums except the newest one.....but i personally have never seen him, but a buddy of mine, who is also a huge fan, caught his show in boise idaho a year or two back and said it was off the hook!....i would love to go to a show, so take advantage buddy!
2/18/09 3:37:07PM
i wish......one day dude......one day.

war hank III
2/18/09 4:31:51PM
The closets he's coming to me on this tour is about a 6 hour drive but it's on a Thursday night. I'm going to wait until he rolls around on a Friday or Saturday within a 5 or 6 hour drive.

Hopefully soon...
2/18/09 10:52:22PM
I was actually going to see him last weekend in New Orleans (he was playing at the House of Blues), but I had to much school work. It sucked too, since I've been wanting to see him for awhile now.

Edit: Just read your signature, and Left Lane Cruiser and Scott H. Biram are awesome too.
2/18/09 10:55:04PM
He plays the Chameleon Club yearly it seems. It is only an hour from me. While I haven't gone, several friends have seen him and all recommend seeing him highly!
2/19/09 1:08:54AM
never been to his live show, but definately a fan!

actually I may have seen him play in Down once..but never his own stuf..
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