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6/3/11 4:42:26PM
I just saw Hangover 2 a few nights ago with my fiance. Thought the movie was outstanding. Pretty similar plot to the first one, but far more intense. Few new interesting characters. Thought it was a great laugh. Really hope they make one more for Allen's wedding or something. Any one wanna share their take on the movie???
6/3/11 5:53:26PM
I saw the midnight showing when it came out. I was on my level at the time so I thought it was great.
6/3/11 6:52:45PM
I thought it was pretty good! It was almost an exact copy of the first. But, if it's not broken then why fix it, right? The comedy was great, and the only negative feedback I had was that I knew what was coming next. Overall I give it four and a half out of five.
6/3/11 8:23:12PM
Wasn't a big fan of the first one. Haven't see this one yet.

But I think I saw browsing on the internet, saying something like Hangover 3 gets a writer or something like that.
6/3/11 8:42:07PM
I gave it two
6/5/11 4:34:28PM
I have yet to see the second one. I was not a big fan of the first one. Mostly just because if I get blacked out drunk, I will literally retrace my steps, and go everywhere I can remember going the night before in order to try and get my memory back.

I guess if they do that though, the first movie is over in like 30 minutes...

"Hey, where's our buddy?"
"I dunno, let's retrace our steps!"
"Here he is!"
6/6/11 3:12:40AM
This movie was freakin awesome! Pretty much the same moving along process as the 1st one but with different but still just as epic twists and turns. I thought it was mad funny and really well thought out. I haven't laughed this hard at a movie in awhile(except Scream4 but I smoked some mary jane before that ha).

I thought it was very good though. This year has had some great sequels. I really thought highly of the Fast Five too. That movie was freakin badass!
6/6/11 12:25:12PM
Yeah i thought it was pretty much a repeat but more intense.
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