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6/7/09 2:32:31PM
I just saw this movie yesterday and it was ******* awesome. Honestly one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. It just had me laughing the entire time everything about it is pure genius hahaha.
6/7/09 5:41:47PM
I just saw it a few hours ago. There is no real drop off in the comedy from start to finish. Very good comedy, not quite up to Anchorman or Old School imo, but better than Knocked Up and damn funny
6/7/09 7:42:25PM
I saw it on Friday, it's a very funny moive, it's definately the funniest movie I've seen Zack and miri make a porno. It's good.
6/7/09 7:47:16PM
Looks awesome. I cant wait to see it when it comes out over here.
6/8/09 9:15:56AM
Good movie, for sure. However, I over-hyped it for myself so I was slightly let down.

I'd still give a B+...possibly A-.
6/8/09 9:57:25AM
The only reason I wanted to see this flim was for the Mike Tyson scene(s) and to see how ridiculous he came off, but with the family problems he's had recently I haven't been as enthusiastic as I was before. Otherwise these films don't appeal to me as much, I've kinda gotten tired of them.
6/8/09 8:53:24PM
I've seen it twice now. I think that the first time I saw it, I was a little disappointed because I had hyped it up a lot, but the second time I watched it was hilarious. I'm glad to see that Todd Phillips has made a comeback, because Road Trip and Old School were fantastic, and Starsky and Hutch was meh, and I refused to watch School for Scoundrels.

Zac Galifiniakis was hilarious.
6/8/09 10:50:17PM
Carlos not at the table!!! haha
6/10/09 2:57:35PM
Thanks guys, I saw it based on this thread and I couldn't stop laughing.
6/12/09 7:08:39PM

Posted by haggiswashere

Carlos not at the table!!! haha

Just got back. Awesome is the only way to describe this movie, unless your sense of humor doesnt actually exist.
6/18/09 8:31:00PM
Best part was when the naked asian guy pops out of the trunk and beats the **** out of everyone.
6/19/09 1:41:12AM
"I like to consider myself a one man wolfpack"

good movie, stepbrothers was funnier, but still a good movie.
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