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3/13/07 4:58:15PM
Mustering up all his congested wisdom, geriatric prize fighter Larry Holmes once stated, "The thought of being broke scares me."

3/13/07 8:24:47PM
Pretty good article...not bad at all. He pretty much nailed every one on the head.
3/13/07 8:39:30PM
i agree with all except overeem, he has so much potential.
3/14/07 9:38:59AM
lol, nice Holmes quote.
3/14/07 12:50:48PM

Posted by jdubs

i agree with all except overeem, he has so much potential.

Well, he didnt say Overeem needed to hand 'em up, just take a break (or a cruise, I think is how he put it. LOL...imagining Overeem putting Gopher from the Love Boat in a guillotine)

3/18/07 10:53:36AM
Im surprised Ricco Rodriguez wasnt on that list aswell!

He had the potential to be one of the best Heavyweights ever, but instead he wasted his talent, and will go down in history as the butt of every fat joke on the underground!
3/19/07 11:41:49AM
Pretty good list, but if they want to be fodder for the up and comers, then why not let them.

At the same time, I don't understand Severn. He has the rep that can keep him warm, dry and eating with coaching and seminars. I guess he just likes to fights.
3/20/07 2:21:31AM
Hate on Mark Coleman if you want but since 1999, he has lost to Nog, CroCop, and Fedor. How man HW's in the world would not lose to those 3?
3/20/07 3:54:14AM
Yeah since this article Cabbage got distroyed again. The guy just looks like he doesn't want to be in the ring you can see it in his eyes....hey like kerr and mir who are also on the list.

I think they just want to collect a few more paychecks.

Sad though Mir was one of my favorites.
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