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1/12/08 8:31:46PM
should i walk around with a grip ball or hand gripper and squeeze it when im bored? also what better bal o gripper? and if i can do like 100 in a row is that ok?
1/12/08 8:42:25PM
If you can do a 100 in a row of anything, you need to up the tension. I honestly haven't found a ball gripper that had enough tension, so I use tortion grippers. The Captains of Crush are supposed to be the best, but I found a set at Sports Authority that work pretty well.

You can generally open the packages at the sports stores and try them out, as the packages are re-sealable. If you can do more than 20 in a row on one hand the first time you try it, I'd look for something stronger, as you'll be bored with them before too long.

Wrestling itself is the best way to increase grip strength though.
1/12/08 11:37:42PM

Posted by Svartorm

Wrestling itself is the best way to increase grip strength though.

Riding a motorcycle works pretty good also!
1/13/08 12:03:04AM
alright thanks. but my problem is i dont want to have to keep buying new ones. so should i buy one that i can only do like 10 reps with?
1/13/08 2:06:57AM
Right, go for something tough and work your way into it. If your training as well, your hands should adjust over time. If you're trying to do it on the cheap, you might want to ask around your wrestling team and see if anyone has an old pair of grippers that aren't doing them any good.
1/13/08 8:25:22AM
lol so does working construction, lol cutting heavy gauge steel.
I got a ******* iron man grip.
1/13/08 11:44:54AM
i do pull ups, put rags on the pull up bar and hold on to the rags, that helps to
1/13/08 1:47:42PM
i woud ask other kids on my team but they all just carry tennis bals or something and squeeze them al day.