Hamill: Jon Jones Didn't Lose And I Didn't Win

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12/10/09 9:46:24AM
Although Jon Jones' disqualification eventually led him to a win, Matt Hamill doesn't consider it a victory–and he doesn't think Jones should consider it a loss either. At The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale on Dec. 5, Jones controlled Hamill, dislocated his shoulder on a takedown, battered him with ground and pound, but suffered the first-round DQ loss when instant replay showed Jones had connected on illegal downward elbow strikes. Hamill thinks Jones should be commended for the effort. "Aside from making a mistake, he did his job and he did it well," Hamill wrote on his official Web site, matthamill.com. "He definitely didn't lose this fight, and I definitely didn't win, but I guess the rules are there for a reason. It is what it is. I went into this fight feeling like my record was actually 9-1, so with this so-called win, I will now consider my record 9-2."

12/10/09 10:17:40AM
Classy guy, I hope the UFC keep him around.
12/10/09 10:24:34AM

I don't think Hamill could possibly have said it any better.
12/10/09 10:26:56AM
Great response from Hamill.
Handled with true class.
12/10/09 10:42:50AM
Matt's not going anywhere. He's a solid fighter and an inspiration to those with disabilities, he may not ever be more than perhaps a gatekeeper but he always gives it a good effort and tries hard to improve each time.
12/10/09 10:45:54AM
I couldn't agree more, I still enjoy his fights but he's never going to be more than a contender match to young fighters.
12/10/09 11:05:51AM
Props to him, but what else can he say?

He had a welt on his body from a kick, a dislocated shoulder from a takedown, and a battered head from vicious GnP.... all after fighting this guy for less then 5 minutes.

Everybody knows who won the fight. The DQ was justified but it was still a 1 sided, savage beating. Next fight Jones will get another step up, and Hamill will get a step down most likely.
12/10/09 11:38:46AM
Good move by Hammil. I'd props him if I could
12/10/09 11:43:34AM
Great guy should have been a no contest
12/10/09 12:27:33PM
Gotta say there's not much else he could say if he watched the fight, but its good to see a modest and down to earth side to a fighter, gains TONS of respect amongst fans and other fighters
12/10/09 12:40:39PM
I don't think he's going anywhere. A lot of people love Matt Hamill because he's not a cocky guy and he's very humble in both victory and defeat.

He's only lost to what, Rich Franklin and Jon Jones basically?

Thats pretty damn good.
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