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7/7/09 10:35:22PM
I am going to ufc 101 and i was just wondering if anyone knew like how getting in to the weigh ins work and how early should i be there to get in to the weigh ins
7/7/09 11:01:19PM
If it's anything like in Montreal, and you want good places for the weigh ins ( i recommend going down close to the railing where the fighters exit, they always take the time for a few autographs and photos, plus youll probly have a couple of them that arent fighting sitting beside you in the seats) you wanna get there around 10am... i know it's pretty steep but all in all it is very worth it.
7/7/09 11:10:55PM
Well, each event is probably different, but in Minnesota at UFC 87 you could walk right in 2 minutes before the weigh-ins and get a seat. That being said, Go as early as you can.

The Q&A before the weigh-ins is always entertaining no matter who the fighter(s) are that are there (for us it was Amir and Wanderlei) plus we had that crazy Tito fan who got into it with Dana (whichi was fun to see live) not to mention we had autograph sessions with Sherk and Guida (Both nice pleasent guys) and Matt Hughes (not so nice and Pleasent). Jardine was also around earlier signing autographs, and Arrianny was too (although I didn't get a chance to see either of them).

So yeah, You can probably get away with getting there late if you JUST want to see that weigh-ins, but get there as early as you can otherwise. There's alot going on and you never know what you'll miss if you're not there.
7/8/09 8:43:44AM
be a fight club member!!
7/8/09 8:55:57AM
Details for the weigh-ins appear on the major MMA news sites a couple weeks before each event, they're always held the day before either at the arena or a nearby location. Weigh-ins are always free and open to the public, they'll usually let you in 1 hour before they are to begin. Fight Club members can come even earlier for an exclusive Q&A with a UFC fighter.
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