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8/28/12 7:29:00PM
Got to the movies early enough last night to catch a making of segment of Halo 4

Back in the day I was a PS2 GTA guy

But when the 360 came out I picked it up along with halo 3. Ever since I've been hooked.

Reach was badass.

Anyone else chomping at the bit to get their hands on halo 4 as much as I am??

8/31/12 2:18:24PM
Halo 3 sucked balls compared to Halo 2 In my opinion. Halo ODST was fun, Loved Everything Reach did expect the damn Powerdown shield thingy, expect when it sent Warhogs flying.lol

Midnight purchase for me without a doubt!
8/31/12 2:39:06PM
Halo is cool and all but its no space invaders ... also BattleField 3 is my go to fps right no
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