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10/10/08 3:58:07AM

Posted by emfleek

Posted by haggiswashere

what would freddie mercury do??!!

Well, considering Freddie Mercury was a fan of anal bingo, I don't think he'd mind if a girl denied poontang.

haha true
10/30/08 7:23:32PM
i got the green man suit...

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10/31/08 2:07:52PM
Last Year maybe hard to top..But this yeah im going as pee wee herman

Ronco_Loid,RoncomanJason,Wink101AH,and Me last year.

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10/31/08 2:19:30PM
going to be kurt cobain this year, shotgun in handy. *hope i dont get jumped*

going up to santa barbara today, 100,000 drunken teens in streets, oh dearrr
10/31/08 2:28:34PM
I'll be sporting my "Evan Tanner tribute beard that looks more like an Andrei Arlovski beard" as I hit the arcade at the mall after work. 3 PM can't come fast enough, dammit! It's getting shaved off this weekend though, my face can't take much more-it's kinda irritating and uncomfortable at times.
10/31/08 3:15:03PM
I'm being everyones favorite villain....Dana White.
10/31/08 4:22:06PM
I've got the top of my head shaven, a long beard, extremely tan/black and I'm from south Florida and just got KO's by a homo also from FL on national tv.
10/31/08 4:55:31PM
Me and my brother are going as Shaq and Kobe. Should be good.

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