Who’s next up for the UFC Hall of Fame?

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6/25/09 9:19:59AM
On July 10, just one day prior to the most symbolic event in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, two men will be transformed into legends of the octagon as they are honored by being inducted into the organization’s illustrious Hall of Fame.

In order for us to properly judge the candidates for the position we should assess the standard by taking a look at the accomplishments of the Hall of Fame inductee past.

6/25/09 9:24:30AM
are you going mr subliminal on us here by putting don frye's name in your post???

i think at this point evan tanner has the best shot due to his untimely death whether people think he deserves it or not.(i happen to think he does)

mask isnt a bad choice either, but im assuming that both guys will be fighters, but some of the guys out there for consideration arent on good terms with dana so they might be blackballed for now.....better than being blueballed i guess
6/25/09 9:25:14AM
I say...

Evan Tanner
6/25/09 9:26:08AM

Posted by cowcatcher

are you going mr subliminal on us here by putting don frye's name in your post???

Oops! Totally unintentional!
6/25/09 10:46:27AM
Vitor Belfort

In all honesty though, he fits the bill:
1. Debuted at UFC 12
2 Tounament Champion
3. LHW Champion

Vitor can't sign a fight contract with the UFC yet, but he could sign on for video games, action figures, and even the HOF...and none of that would interfere with the non-compete fight contract he has with Affliction. I just figure Zuffa has him signed to something...and maybe this is part of it.

6/25/09 11:04:44AM
I really don't know why I feel the way I feel...probably because I'm a fan of MLB and the NFL, but I think Dana and the UFC should wait until a fighter retires before inducting them in to the HoF.

The idea of a HoF'er getting canned after 3 or 4 consecutive losses (ie: Chuck) and then going to fight for another organization doesn't sit right with me.
6/25/09 11:37:41AM
I honestly would like Frank Shamrock to be in it, but that's doubtful. I'm saying Evan Tanner and Gary Goodridge, with Gary, because I feel like it.
6/25/09 12:05:35PM
I think that only fighters should be allowed in.

I would say all these fighters deserve a place in a UFC hall of fame...

Frank Shamrock
Don Frye
Tank Abbott (I know he wasnt the best, but he is a cult hero of early mma)

6/25/09 12:07:29PM
one shoe in for two spots is evan tanner
6/25/09 7:16:14PM
pedro rizzo
evan tanner
6/25/09 7:46:42PM
Personally I find the whole UFC HOF idea trivial.

I mean who decides who goes into the UFC HOF? The guys running the UFC--guys with an agenda. If they were to use an impartial commitee that votes on who goes in, then it might mean something.

Otherwise the criteria is pretty much being a great fighter in the UFC, and being on Dana and the Fertitta Bros good side.
6/25/09 8:04:06PM
Matt Hughes
Chuck Liddell

are my guesses...2 of the 3
6/25/09 8:44:23PM
The UFC hall of fame is the only thing more pointless than WAMMA belts.
6/26/09 1:25:39AM
I called this a few months ago and i'm sticking with my picks of:

Charles 'Mask' Lewis & Helio Gracie
6/26/09 1:49:25AM

Posted by ncordless

The UFC hall of fame is the only thing more pointless than WAMMA belts.

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