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9/12/08 7:27:34PM
how offten do they induct someone, i thought it was one person every two years, is that right? and who do you think should be the next to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame?
i kind of think it should be, Pat Miletich?
9/12/08 8:13:13PM
Really? I had no idea it was only every two years. I think they should hold a ceremony annually and Evan Tanner and Pat Miletich should def. be considered.
9/12/08 8:18:20PM
tanner should go for sure
maybe frank shamrock
9/12/08 8:22:07PM
Tanner, Pulver or Miletich
9/12/08 8:48:22PM
My vote is for that guy who wore one boxing glove. I think it was UFC 1. That was pretty funny stuff.

Haven't heard much from him lately though.
9/12/08 9:01:05PM
Evan Tanner
9/12/08 9:18:47PM
tanner but i cant help but feel its kind of hollow iv liked tanner for a while but i dont think he was gettin in before the sudden death
9/12/08 9:45:12PM
I'm actually leaning towards Don Frye, he's a legend to the sport, and the dominator of two UFC tournaments(and a finalist in one).He's a big fan favorite, and always exciting, they should put him in it(the ,HOF) and give him a rematch with Coleman, his only loss in the UFC.

Edit: The already had a rematch, but i'd still like to see a 3rd between them.
9/12/08 10:07:03PM
evan tanner
blake bowman

maybe don frye
9/12/08 10:20:05PM

Posted by mrkennedy

evan tanner
blake bowman

maybe don frye

Joey Scarola first and then Bowman
9/12/08 10:25:21PM
Really I don't even think they've been around long enough to start electing people. It should be like baseball. You don't elect a guy till he's been out of the game at least five years. I mean most of these guys are still fighting, everyone except Royce Gracie, and he could fight again.

I'll go with Jens Pulver.
9/12/08 10:27:32PM
i know i'm going to piss alot of people off by this post, but im going to tell you how i feel. i really feel Evan Tanner does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. im sad for his family and friends and everyone this unfortunate event affected, i think he was a great person (from what i knew) and it is truly a sad story and i don't mean ANY disrespect to him or anyone else. but the UFC Hall of Fame is for fighters and as i fighter i honestly feel he did not achieve enough to be in the Hall of Fame. i'm all for it if they decide to make some sort of memorial or rememberance or even some kind or award in his name, but not the hall of fame.
Again, sorry if a offended anyone, it was not my intention.
9/12/08 10:42:08PM
Chuck Liddell, the HOF has to be whats next for the Iceman.
9/12/08 10:49:28PM
I say Big John should be next
9/13/08 1:20:13AM
Matt Hughes
9/13/08 1:23:12AM
9/13/08 7:14:05AM
don fry
tank abbot
jeremy horn
steve mazzagatis mustach
9/13/08 4:05:12PM
evan tanner, matt hughes, chuck liddell, vitor belfort, as for some of the other people mentioned i would rather see fighters who made there name and stayed in the ufc. and note i said "some" of the other people mentioned
9/13/08 6:49:17PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

I say Big John should be next

i agree..big john,

but my votes in future are for...

randy, franklin, matt hughes, bj, jenz, tanner, tito (we know that wont happen, ledell, silva, frank shamrock, don frye,

we really need a united mma hall of fame
9/14/08 5:37:08AM
I think it should be after they are retired or at least semi-retired and out of the org.

Don Frye comes to mind, as does Big John. But they have made some anti-UFC comments so it's not likely.

It's too bad he'll never get considered, but Tito should be considered. 22 UFC fights, from UFC 13 to UFC 84. Most successful title defenses in a row of all the UFC champs. Headlined the UFC's best PPV (Liddell/Ortiz II) and UFN (Tito / Ken III)

I don't like Tito, but he deserves it
9/14/08 10:48:56AM
What makes you think Tito wouldn't be considered? The fact that Dana doesn't like him isn't going to prevent him from making the Hall of Fame. He was one of the most dominant champions ever and one of the most popular fighters ever. He was probably a bigger asset to the growth of the UFC between the time that the fertitas bought the company until Chuck took the belt than any other fighter in the organization. Tito-Shamrock 3 was the most watched UFC event ever when it aired.

No chance Tito doesn't make the Hall of Fame. People just rarely get inducted until quite a while after they retire. Absolutely no chance he doesn't make it.

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9/14/08 12:07:04PM
Chuck when he retires.
9/14/08 1:03:39PM
Evan Tanner
Big John
9/14/08 1:19:59PM
I'll say Tanner will be next mainly because active fighters don't get inducted. He's definitely next IMO. Later on though I'd like to see Pulver, Hughes, Penn.
9/14/08 4:44:15PM
9/14/08 5:09:48PM

Big John
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